Solar Conceptual Design and Feasibility

The first step, and perhaps the most important, in obtaining solar energy is to conduct solar conceptual design and feasibility studies.

Leveraging our combined expertise, SCE Solar Engineering provides the guidance commercial and utility solar facilities need to complete every phase of the project on time and on budget. Our goals are to help clients lower life cycle costs (LCC) and decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO). From designing the concept to assessing feasibility, our in-house professional solar engineers, analysts and designers work proactively with clients to offer quality solutions.

Conceptual Design

As the first stage of our solar design and engineering services, conceptual design is conducted to maximize function and offer cost-savings benefits to our clients.

At SCE, we prepare the site plan to achieve the best layout and optimal energy production for our clients.

Feasibility Studies

Setting the pace for the future of your solar project’s success, feasibility studies assess the potential energy available and factor in costs, location, topography, shading, geotechnical data, proximity of utilities, potential risks, site configuration and equipment size.

At SCE, the scope of our feasibility study services include an assessment and documentation of all the information needed to begin and complete a successful solar energy project. This can include a detailed map, equipment, PV array angle, location of install and a comparison of alternative options.

Consult with our Solar Engineering team about conceptual design and feasibility studies.