Solar Water Pump


Existence of human life in rural India depends largely on the availability of clean water to people, live stock and crops. Farmers in rural India can only become prosperous if there is availability of clean water for their farms, homes and live stock. In many parts of India there is a shortage of reliable power for homes and irrigation of fields where Solar Clean Energy Series of Solar water pumping systems can make a remarkable contribution.

Solar Pumping system offered by Solar Clean Energy is a state of the art high technology product designed to provide a green and energy efficient solution for a reliable water supply where there is no access of clean water and electricity.



  • Flood irrigation of small fields.
  • Drip irrigation for farms.
  • Cattle watering.
  • Water supply for small villages, schools, hospitals and homes.


  • Highly energy efficient centrifugal water pumps with energy efficient inverter duty motor.
  • High efficiency solar photovoltaic panels with a services life of minimum 20 years.
  • Robust design Galvanized steel mounting structure for long life.
    High technology automatic controller with dynamic VFD or MPPT control method.
  • The controller offers complete protection against under and over voltage and dry run protection for the pump.
  • Highly efficient controller with a conversion efficiency of minimum 95%.
    The controller is tropicalized to operate satisfactorily with an ambient temperature up to 50 degree C.
  • Virtually no maintenance cost.