Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Energy Production Estimate
With over 8 years of experience and over 1+GW experience,
Energy Production Estimates That You Can Trust

SCE provides accurate estimates with industry-leading solar energy performance simulations including:

  • PVsyst– PVsyst is another industry standard photovoltaic modelling tool that can be used to determine production estimates for a project. SCE utilizes this tool to provide production estimates, optimize designs, determine the impact of shading, and verify that systems are performing up to expectations.

  • HelioScope– HelioScope integrates streamlined layout tools with a powerful simulation engine to provide layout designs, solar energy proposals, energy yield simulations, and shade reports. This is one tool in SCE’s toolbelt that helps us quickly and easily show clients what a PV system can look like and how much energy it can produce.
The Future Looks Bright for Commercial Solar

Whether you require photovoltaic design and layout options for a large warehouse, factory, commercial facility or utility scale project, opting to go solar is good for business. Choosing solar not only highlights your commitment to sustainable practices and reduces your carbon footprint, but can be one of the most rewarding financial investments a business can make.

Thanks to the decreasing costs of PV installation and a global push for renewable energy sources, the future looks bright for commercial solar. Optimizing your commercial solar energy production and ROI are dependent on several parameters, including an optimized PV design and layout.